Головна / Removable tooth prosthetics - let's live with a smile.

Removable tooth prosthetics - let's live with a smile.

People use removable prosthesis at any age. The reason for this is the existing of various diseases that cause loss of teeth. Mouth hygiene of many people is quite low, besides the cause may be injuries that a person can get even when doing sports (boxing, hockey, and so on). In general, there are enough reasons for losing teeth, even at a young age.протезування зубів тернопіль

Prosthetics of teeth is a complex process, since each mouth cavity is individual, and it is very difficult to make a qualitative detachable denture. It all depends on the quality of the shot taken by a dentist and the performance of dental technology. The dentist and dental technologist should work in tandem, because the prosthesis should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also functionally fill the defect of the teeth that we correct.

Detachable teeth replacement is a prosthetic method when dentures are manufactured with partial or complete absence of teeth. They do not differ visually from installed ceramic crowns. There are three types of removable prosthetics:

  • Partially removable prosthesis;
  • Conditionally removable prostheses;
  • Fully removable prosthesis.

Partly detachable prosthesis

The partly detachable prosthesis are attached to the teeth with clams or with special imperceptibly external locks. Both variants have their advantages, and of course, the disadvantages. The advantage of clam fasteners is that they are simple and rational in making. The whole design is simulated and poured out at the same time, it reduces the cost of work. The disadvantage is that clams can often (at a certain angle) be visible. And so, let's say so, to show prostheses. This does not mean that we want to discourage you from partially removable prosthetics (those that have cast clams in most). Prosthesis of this type can be very presentable.

частково знимний зубний протезThe cast-iron frame can be manufactured even with the contents of gold. It is impossible to make prosthesis with fastening on locks cheaper. Sometimes they cost much more than similar designs with clam fasteners. But the advantage is that fastening on locks is invisible, and secondly, the tooth will be protected from abrasion as a result of the influence of the clam on it. This decision can be called economic and simple at the same time.

Another option of a partially removable prosthesis is the treatment of several teeth, which are made of conic shaped crowns - caps made of noble metals. These surfaces are very well kept on one another. In each particular case, there are many options for performing dentures. You can discuss this question with our dentist before starting the prosthetics.

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Conditional - removable dental prosthesis.

It is used to replace one or several teeth. With this type of design, it can only be removed by a dentist. In order to avoid the collapse of a removable denture, this moment concerns a complete removable prosthesis on all teeth, especially on the lower jaw, it is necessary to put a removable prosthesis on the implants. As a rule, 4 implants are installed in the front part of the lower or upper jaw and fixed. That means that the prosthesis is firmly fixed. The patient can only remove the prosthesis to clean it.

The bushings are made on the prosthetic implants, the prosthesis is securely attached to it. Bushings are replaced every 3-4 months.

Complete dental prosthesis.

In the case that there are no teeth on the jaw, a complete demountable prosthesis is made. In this case, the condition of the bone of the alveolar process of the jaw is very important - this is the area of ​​the jaw, where there were teeth before. After removing the teeth, the bone is usually atrophied. This is especially noticeable on the narrow part of the lower jaw.протези на всі зуби

Full dentures are kept in the mouth cavity only due to the tight contact of its internal surface with the gum mucus. The larger the area of ​​this contact is, the better the prosthesis holds. Effect of suction cup on a flat surface. The prosthesis is maintained thanks to the vacuum that arose under it. Due to the exact fitting of the edge of the prosthesis, it is possible to prevent air from passing between it and the mucous membrane, and thus the suction of the prosthesis is achieved.

In order for the prosthetic to repeat all movements during a conversation and chewing and not to jump in the cavity of the mouth - the so-called functional models are taken. When it is made, mimic and chewing movements are simulated, and the position of soft tissues of the mouth cavity is fixed with a soft material of a model.

The color and shape of the tooth significantly affects the individual's perception of the human face. That is why choosing the shape of the teeth and selecting the color takes a lot of time. Too light teeth always look unnatural, because at the age when it is necessary to set the first prosthesis, teeth can not remain as white as they were in their youth.

After setting the base of the prosthesis, the dentist corrects the shape and position of the teeth. After this, the prosthesis is finally made in the laboratory. In the end, a denture test is performed on the device that simulates chewing. Chewing surface is individually polished.

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