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Removal of tartar by means of ultrasound.

Removal of tartar by means of ultrasound is one of the most effective methods of prophylactic measures and professional cleaning of the mouth cavity. Every person must necessarily keep to the hygiene of the tooth enamel, as most diseases develop just through the tartar and plaque. One should emphasize in more details on the latter.
The main advantage of removing a tartar by means of ultrasound equipment is that it allows you to get rid of deposits of any form and even in hard-to-reach places. First of all, the procedure allows you to get rid of:

  • a tartar located above the gums;
  • tartar under gums;
  • dental plaque of pigment type;
  • mineralized plaque, etc.

In the "Oleksyuk" dental clinics, the procedure for removing tartar by means of ultrasound is performed qualitatively and professionally, which allows maintaining oral hygiene and thereby preventing the development of diseases in their early stages. Negative responses are mainly due to the fact that many dental clinics are only removing a tartar located above the gums, completely ignoring other deposits. Such cleaning is not able to fully assist the patient, in addition, it has an extremely bad effect on the general condition of the teeth. The accumulation of deposits leads to the destruction of the periosteum, teeth, gums, etc. As you can already understand, one should not trust negative feedback. It's enough just to address a really high-quality dental clinics, moreover by means of modern equipment the procedure is absolutely painless.

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Technique for removing tartar by means of ultrasound.

If there is an over gum plague or pigmentation, then the procedure can be carried out by the dentist-therapist. It will take no more than an hour of your time.

 важливоIt is important: in case you plan to remove a tartar while suffering from periodontitis, it is best to refer to the periodontium for this procedure. This will provide you with a guarantee that you will have deposits of all types removed, and besides, a set of anti-inflammatory drugs will be assigned to you, it will have a positive effect on the general condition of the mouth cavity.

The process of removing a tartar by means of ultrasound equipment directly involves not only the direct cleaning, but also a number of additional procedures required - polishing and fluoridation.

How is the procedure of removing tartar by means of ultrasound performed?

The basis of this procedure is the use of specialized equipment - an ultrasonic scaler. It can exist as an independent device, and also be embedded in the main dental unit. The most important component in such an instrument is its tip. A special nozzle is mounted at its end, the quality of which directly affects the success of the removal of the tartar by ultrasound. The main purpose of this part is to create oscillatory motions at high frequencies (in the range of values ​​from 25 to 50 kilohertz). That is why the technique received the name of "ultrasound".
видалення зубного каменю ультразвукомIn the process of operation of the mechanism, water is continuously supplied on its end and then it is immediately removed by means of a special channel.

Ultrasonic removal of a tartar is carried out by two operations simultaneously:

  1. Moving of the tip. The dentist destroys the structure of the plaque, tartar. In its turn, the water, which is continuously supplied to the tip, immediately washes the remnants of the tartar. In this process, there is an important parameter, in case of non-compliance, the quality of the final cleaning result will differ significantly in the worse. It’s longitudinal motion of tools. This method allows simultaneous removal of a tartar while leaving the teeth entire and intact.
  2. Ultrasonic cavitation. The water supplied to the tip of the scaler is necessary not only for the washing of the destroyed tartar, but also for cooling the instrument and teeth. The bottom line is that the oscillations carried out by the scaler contribute to the formation of microscopic bubbles in the structure of water, which immediately disappear, releasing a fairly significant amount of energy. Thanks to it there is complete destruction and extermination of the tartar.

An additional advantage is that this process has an antibacterial effect on the entire mouth cavity of a person.

Contraindications to ultrasound removal of tartar

Unfortunately, not every person can take advantage of the possibility of performing a procedure for removing a tartar using ultrasound equipment. However, you should not think that if for any reason you can not use the service of professional ultrasonic brushing your teeth, then you should not do this. In the end, it's always possible to clean mechanically, but it's recommended to do it no more than once a year. So, use of the service of removing the under gum tartar and its other varieties by ultrasound can not be people who:

  • have jaw implants;
  • suffer from various heart diseases;
  • have asthma, bronchitis;
  • apt to diseases of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • in the presence of infectious diseases (tuberculosis, HIV, etc.);
  • Also, ultrasound removal of the tartar can not be done during pregnancy.

Advantages of professional cleaning by means of ultrasonic equipment

Earlier, when only mechanical methods could be used to perform the procedure for removing a tartar, this procedure was not popular in dental clinics. This was a relatively high level of injury to the tooth enamel, high probability of damage to the structure of the tooth, etc.

The modern technique of ultrasonic cleaning allows not only to completely get rid of a tartar and a plaque painlessly and in the short term, but also to guarantee the integrity of the teeth and the absence of any consequences. Separately, we can empathize a few basic advantages of this technique:

  1. Versatility - an ultrasonic type scaler allows you to get rid of dental plaque, tartar of all types, etc. The distinguishing feature of this equipment is that there is a large number of nozzles for it. Some of them can better cope with large deposits, others allow to clean the tooth enamel in hard-to-reach places, etc.
  2. Comfort - the procedure of cleaning with ultrasound is absolutely painless. First of all it concerns people who suffer from dentofobia. Even if you have a high level of teeth sensitivity, you will feel a minimum of discomfort while undergoing the procedure.
  3. Antibacterial effect - Ultrasonic cleaning not only allows you to get rid of a tartar and plaque, but also it provides a complex antiseptic effect on the entire mouth cavity.

How much does the removal of a tartar cost?

The price issue always worries everyone. It is important to remember that you can not save on your health in any way. Professional cleaning of the tooth enamel with ultrasonic equipment is a fairly common procedure, which has long been not something new and modern. Therefore, you can be sure that the cost of the service will definitely "not hit your pocket".

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