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Straightening teeth with braces

Leveling of teeth with braces can be applied when we speak about treatment of adult patients, that is, people who have incorrect bite already formed. Patients with a long period of bite correction often have no idea about how the braces are installed. The lack of awareness generates distrust and even fear. In fact, this is a thorough and multistage, but simple and absolutely painless process.встановлення брекетів

What is a modern bracket - a system like.

This non-removable orthodontic construction consists of:

  • small single braces, or braces themselves;
  • arc connecting them;
  • ligature-type fixators in the form of rubbers or wires.

All these elements become the only system only on the teeth of the patient. A dentist – orthodontist make them into a single unit.

The process of setting the braces.

The setting of braces begins with the cleaning of teeth with a special paste. The doctor provides himself with a "wide field" for work and access to the posterior teeth by means of the mouth widener in advance. Then it covers the enamel with a special chemical composition and after a while rinses with water. The clamping zones are treated with a protective gel.

The light-hardening material is applied to the back of the braces and pressed against the tooth. The remnants of the material are removed. After positioning the brace on the tooth, the doctor shines a photopolymer lamp, under which the material quickly closes and firmly connects to the surface of the enamel. This is the way the braces are consistently placed on all teeth.

After this, an arc is inserted into the grooves, it is designed to level the teeth. It "remembers" the form which has been given to it first and seeks to return it, even being heavily curved. The mechanism of operation of the braces system is based on it.

 It is periodically necessary to visit a dentist to replace the arc with a more elastic or to tighten the ligatures. On average, the bracket installation of the system lasts 1-1.5 hours. High-quality braces with lockers are set faster. More time is required for lingual systems fixed on the inside of the tooth row . After completing the process, the patient returns home. But you can only eat 2 hours later. In the first days, one may suffer from minor toothache and discomfort. This phenomenon is considered normal and does not last long. If the pain is more difficult to tolerate, it is possible to remove it with anesthetics - Paracetamol, Nurofen, Rapidorum or others which  will be prescribed by a doctor.


Does the placement of braces - systems on the upper and lower jaw differ?

The setting process is not different. Often, patients are interested in question if they can put braces on one jaw? It is possible to install orthodontic structures only on the upper or lower jaw, but only in cases where:

  • you have a properly formed bite;
  • if twisting is observed only in 1 or 2 teeth.

In all other cases, we do not recommend setting of braces for only one jaw. We predict the situation that you have dislocated teeth of the upper jaw, and the lower ones are dislocated only a little and it is imperceptible. Immediately, the patient "verdict" – everything is all right with the lower teeth, so we will treat only the upper. We remember that the correct bite is the correct closing of the teeth. After treating with the braces of the upper jaw, you notice that the teeth have become badly connected. You can immediately say that the treatment has gone in vain. Therefore, it is necessary to level both the upper and lower jaws simultaneously. However, the decision can only be taken by an orthodontist after a detailed examination of the patient.

More on: ще по теміMetal Braces. ще по темі Ceramic braces.

Self-help troubleshooting with braces.

If there are small problems in the process of treating with braces, do not rush to make an appointment with the dentist. Some of them can be solved by yourself:

  • There was a scratch on the inside of the cheek or lip through contact with the braces. Put a ball of orthodontic wax into the braces.
  • The arc fell out of the last lock. Take the tweezers, go to the mirror and insert it back.
  • The arc came out of the lock. Isolate it with a cotton swab or wax ball.
  • The wire ligature during teeth cleaning has been unfolded. Use the pencil with a rubber band to give the fixator the same shape.

The process of fixing the bite begins immediately after the doctor put braces. It lasts for a year and a half or more. Duration of treatment depends on the type and method of setting the orthodontic system, the material of construction, the complexity of the defect. But there is always the result of treatment, so remember that after removing the braces you will have pleasant emotions!

Types of braces - systems and varieties of braces.

There are two principles of setting of braces: from the outside of the dentition (vestibular braces), as well as inside - lingual braces systems.

Lingual braces are attached to the teeth from the inside, therefore, they are not visible to others. Compared to the vestibular ones, they are more effective because they can correct the problem of "deep" bite, but the cost of internal braces is much higher than that of external ones. It is harder to get used to lingual braces, because they reduce the size of the mouth cavity. Often after setting up, patients have problems with diction, but after a few weeks the language gets used to the braces system, and diction is restored. It is more difficult to care for such braces because they are outside the patient's visibility when cleaning.

The outer brackets are most common in orthodontic practice due to lower cost of the construction. They are made of metal, plastic or polymers. There are also two principles of arcing the braces: using elastic ligatures or non-ligaturous constructions.

The advantage of metal braces is the low friction between the braces and the arc due to the same material of construction. For patients with metal allergy, it is possible to manufacture braces of precious metals (gold), but this has a significant effect on the cost of treatment. For patients who are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of metal on their teeth, there are plastic braces. In this design, the brackets themselves are made of plastic, but the metal arc is used. Such braces systems are not much more expensive than metal, but have a number of shortcomings: plastic braces are fragile and over time change the color due to the influence of food colors.

The ceramic braces are the most expensive among the external braces systems. Their main advantage: their color coincides with the color of the teeth, so they look the most aesthetic. Friction between braces and an arc in such designs is higher than in metal, which can affect the length of wear.

Sapphire braces are made of synthetic sapphire crystals, they are absolutely transparent, imperceptible and are not prone to coloring.
види брекет систем


Brackets: Pros and Cons.

Not every person wants to wear "braces on teeth". For most people, they are associated with discomfort and aesthetic unattractiveness. But now it's a false statement. We have selected for you the main advantages and disadvantages of fixing the bite with orthodontist designs.

плюси брекетівWith modern braces it is possible to look beautiful, as there is a certain number of materials close to natural teeth. There are invisible lingual braces that fasten on the inside of the tooth. And for kids, even the most ordinary metal braces can be decorated with multicolored rubbers, which looks quite stylish.

плюси брекетівYou can fix any bite problem or other aesthetic pathology at any stage. Almost from the first days after the setting of braces systems you can see the improvement and the positive dynamics of changing your appearance. You will achieve a good healthy smile without surgical manipulation.

плюси брекетівThere are no age limits. Orthodontic devices can be installed at any age if you have teeth. The limitation may be a passive personal interest.

плюси брекетівThere are no allergies on the braces, they do not spoil the teeth and do not spoil the enamel and it does not hurt.

плюси брекетівIn order for the benefits of braces systems to be maximized, you need to seriously review your attitude to mouth hygiene.

The duration of wearing of orthodontic systems often lasts from one to three years. But this term seems significant only for the first three months. Once you see significant changes in your smile, this process becomes inspirational. Every time you will realize how correctly you did and it was not a mistake install braces.

Prices for setting of braces. All dental constructions are expensive. But ultimately, your treatment will pay off, because fixing the bite will help you prevent further development of other diseases of the mouth cavity and the body as a whole.

Brackets before and after.

брекети фото до і після

фото брекетів на зубах

скоби на зуби

The cost of setting of braces in the "Oleksyuk" dental clinics in Ternopil.

The cost of braces varies depending on a number of factors. It all depends on the degree of correction required for your teeth, on the metal you choose and the type of bracket attachment. You can see the main prices in the "prices" section. We understand that the price is not high, so our clinic has the opportunity to break the cost of your treatment for several payments. Everything is discussed with your dentist - orthodontist.