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Skays - dental decorations

скайси на зубAesthetic dentistry includes a multitude of procedures, the final result of which only affects the appearance of a smile and does not affect the health of teeth The use of skays have gained the highest level of popularity.

Decorative Dental Ornaments - What Is It?

What is the most attractive in teeth? First of all, it is health and a snow-white smile, but "Oleksiuk" modern clinics of aesthetic dentistry offers its clients special dental ornaments in addition to standard services of treatment and whitening of smile. They are called skays.

From the outside, they are similar to crystals, but unlike them, they are made not of plastic, but of various minerals. According to statistics and surveys of most dental clinics, skays of rock crystal are in the greatest demand.

Dental Ornaments - Skays.

As it has already been mentioned, there are many different decoration for teeth, but skays have the highest level of popularity. What is this? This is a small lightweight pebble, which is glued to the tooth enamel with the help of a specialized solution.

The nomenclature of the product is quite wide. “Oleksyuk" esthetic dentistry offers to its clients a decoration of teeth with skays, the diameter of which can vary in the range from 0.5 mm. up to 2.5 mm. They can have different forms.

It should be noted that the setting of such a product on the teeth in no way affects its health and integrity. In the process of wearing skays (subject to proper hygiene), no traces remain on the teeth. Of course, right after putting the decoration on the teeth, a person will feel a little discomfort, but about one or two days later, the unpleasant sensations completely disappear.

Very often many clients are interested in the question "Can I put a skays made of precious stones on my teeth?". The answer to it is yes, you can, but this service will no longer be considered a part of aesthetic dentistry. The fact is that in order to fix it a small hole is to be drilled in the tooth, and this is already considered a traumatic procedure.

More on:ще по темі Fluoridation of teeth.  ще по теміProfessional cleaning and polishing of teeth.

Installing skays on a tooth

стрази на зубAs can be understood from the description of this procedure, it is absolutely painless. It would seem there is nothing complicated, just to take the glue and to attach a skays using it. But in reality, not everything is so simple. Only a professional dentist, possessing the necessary equipment and premises, will be able to fix jewelry on enamel assuring you of high quality of the procedure. The setting process is divided into four main stages:

  1. Preliminary stage includes diagnostics and consultation of the patient.
  2. Preparation includes cleansing of the mouth cavity and place of setting of a skays on enamel, as well as polishing or fluoridation of a tooth.
  3. The main stage is the direct attachment of the decoration to the tooth.
  4. Cleansing the teeth from the remnants of glue and drying the mounting position.

Proper fixation of the skies is possible only on the smooth surface of the tooth, therefore, before styling the dentist carries out the procedure of polishing and fluoridation. Next, it is directly the fixture. For this purpose, a specialized glue compound is used, which is absolutely safe for teeth, and for the human body as a whole.

After the skays is attached, it is dried with an ion lamp and the remnants of the glue ae cleaned of the tooth.

How long does the skays hold on the teeth?

The period during which Skays decorates your smile, and delights you directly depends on the quality of mouth care and teeth care. With all the recommendations and careful attitude, skays can last for at least a year without any problems.

 важливоImportant: in any case, you can not set and remove dental jewelry independently at home. This can lead not only to tooth problems, but also to irreversible damage to the tooth, which can only be restored through restoration.


Despite the fact that the procedure for the setting of skays is absolutely painless and in no way affects the further life of the patient, there is a number of contraindications, which will prevent you from decoration of  the tooth. These include:

  • sick tooth (caries, large number of deposits, cracks, etc.);
  • significant dislocation of the tooth row;
  • dislocation of bite

Dental decorations - the price.

Fixing a skays (ornaments on a tooth) - 400 UAH.

The question "how much does the Skays cost" cannot be given a unique answer, because everything depends on many factors: the size of the jewelry, the material it is made of, what glue solution is used. Therefore, before contacting dentistry regarding the setting of the skays, you need to consult a specialist. He will examine your teeth, based on your wishes, select the jewelry and report the final cost of the work. Then you can easily answer the question "if you need it"

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