Головна / What is tooth shunting during periodontitis: treatment methods, reviews, prices.

What is tooth shunting during periodontitis: treatment methods, reviews, prices.

This procedure is a reliable treatment for the effects of periodontitis. The purpose of the shunting is to secure (fix) mobile teeth. There are several modern methods of teeth shunting:

  •  first - using fiberglass, which binds teeth in one group;
  • second - with dentures;
  • the third one - using crowns.

We use these methods in practice in our dentistry.

In which cases it is necessary to do a shunting of mobile teeth.

It is during periodontitis of severe and moderate severity that teeth become mobile, which is one of the main symptoms of the disease. The tooth is exposed (there is a bone marrow atrophy). The more a naked tooth is, the more mobile it is. On the below the X-ray (Picture one), you can see healthy teeth and teeth where the bone tissue does not reach the neck of the tooth, and there is a bone atrophy.атрофия зубной ткани

In periodontitis, the destruction of bone tissue around the tooth is accelerated and the mobility of teeth increases. After some time (in the absence of treatment), the chewing load is wrongly distributed and the teeth change their position, they diverge in different directions, lean, etc. as people say - "teeth slipper". In these cases it is necessary to undergo the treatment with the help of teeth shunting.

пародонтит  лечение

The technique and advantages of teeth shunting with fiberglass

This method of periodontitis treatment has significant advantages:

  • By itself, glass fiber is a material that is 100% compatible with the human body and cannot cause you any discomfort.
  • You have a reliable and durable stabilization of the teeth thanks to the shunt.
  • Has a worthy aesthetic look - the fiberglass tape is installed on the back of the tooth and is practically not visible.
  • Fast - often during one visit to a dentist - you can do this procedure.
  • Available price for teeth shunting with fiberglass.
  • If necessary, the fiberglass tape can be easily replaced by a new one.

What stages of treatment does the patient undergo while shunting the teeth with fiberglass:

Initially, anesthesia is performed. A horizontal groove is made on the inside of the teeth with a depth and width of about 2 mm. A fiberglass tape into this groove is inserted. It is filled with composite material and illuminated in order to strengthen the material.

This is the kind of treatment you will take if you need to get rid of the mobility of the teeth on the lower jaw.

The treatment of the teeth of the upper jaw is similar, the only difference is that the groove is made not as deep and wide as on the back of the teeth, but on the front.

If you need to carry out this procedure on the side teeth, then the deepening (groove) is made directly on the chewing surface. And when the glass fiber is lit - it turns into a very solid and securely attached to the tooth beam. It becomes stronger than metal. The teeth are held one by one. They become a group. They bear the burden and responsibility for each other. This prolongs the existence of teeth for 5-6 years. It turns out that the teeth are as if tied together and cease to be mobile.

It also distributes the correct load when chewing on all teeth. This is very important, since during periodontitis, teeth become not only mobile, but also diverge in different directions. As a result of dislocation of chewing load, bone tissue is atrophied.

The teeth shunting in this situation will extend the life expectancy of such teeth, and will significantly slow down or completely stop bone atrophy.

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Tooth shunting with clasp prostheses

Бюгельний протезбюгельний керамічний протезбюгільний протез на рухомі зуби

This method of shunting allows the teeth to be in their places. Chewing load of teeth is distributed on an iron plate. The arch, which is the basis of this prosthetic, covers each tooth. This type of removable prosthesis is used when it is not possible to apply a non-removable structure (when there is one or two missing teeth).

The clasp prosthesis can be used for both the upper and lower jaw.

The clasp prosthesis is installed on the upper jaw:

  • when there is a partial loss of teeth, which cause visible gaps;
  • when there are defects in the dentition;
  • when it is necessary to fix teeth for those having the disease of periodontitis;
  • when all teeth are missing;
  • when a man has a flat palate;
  • if there is no possibility to use another type of prosthesis;
  • diseases that reduce the stability of the capillaries located in the area of ​​the prosthetic bed.

шинування зубів бюгельним протезом

The clasp prosthesis is installed on the upper jaw in the following cases:

  • significant movement of teeth;
  • defects in the jaw, both in lateral parts and in the end;
  • absence of teeth on the lower jaw;
  • periodontitis, which has already caused certain defects.

With this type of prosthetic, you will not have problems with eating or diction because it does not completely cover the palate. The clasp prosthesis will not cause you vomiting reflex and will not provoke prosthetic stomatitis.

Tooth brushing with a crown.

When you have four or more mobile teeth, and the teeth joining together with the fiberglass is not possible, then the method of shunting with crowns is used. This method can be considered reliable and durable. This is the way it works. First, the dentist will fill your canals, then the teeth are sharpened for the future crown. At the next stage, crowns that are connected to each other are put on the teeth. You can look at the picture as it looks.шинування зубів коронками

 Prices for teeth shunting (Ternopil).

We individually select and develop shunts for each patient. Therefore, the prices for teeth shunting are calculated individually. Much depends on your bite, gum disease, various types of deformation and the degree of mobility of the teeth. "Oleksiuk" dental clinic uses only new technologies and modern materials, therefore you will not have any discomfort and pain during treatment.

We will cure your teeth, make them strong for many years and stop inflammatory processes.

Reviews on the teeth shunting

Whatever method of shunting your teeth has not come up in your case, reviews of this procedure are only positive. You can ask your doctors or write about your experience with this treatment in the feedback section.

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