Головна / Sapphire braces - fix the bite as a work of art.

Sapphire braces - fix the bite as a work of art.

прозорі сапфірові брекети

Modern materials, the braces are made of, allow to make them obscure to others. If you look at the photo of ceramic and sapphire braces, the differences will hardly be seen for the naked eye. But doctors in most cases offer their patients a choice between metal braces (which are very strong, but quite noticeable) and less noticeable and less sturdy ceramic braces and fragile sapphire braces.

What sapphire braces are made of and what they look like

In appearance, such braces are very similar to ceramic. Locks for such braces systems are made of artificially grown sapphires. After processing they resemble diamonds and just as beautifully shimmer in sunlight, but when placed on the teeth, they become invisible to others. Due to the fragility of the material, the setting of sapphire locks requires from the orthodontist to have a great deal of experience and a certain skill. These skills are 100% honed at our dentist's professional level.

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In which cases it is possible to put sapphire braces.

An orthodontist may recommend the setting of sapphire braces in cases where short-term treatment is required. But if the patient wants to put sapphire braces when deformation of teeth is significant, this is his right, because in the process of treatment it is possible to replace broken braces systems. Braces systems are used for:

  • correction of anomalies of dental rows or individual teeth;
  • correction of bite;
  • dental extraction of teeth that have not yet been cut;
  • preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetics;
  • correction of the profile;
  • body displacement of teeth.

In which cases it is impossible to use sapphire braces:

  • insufficient hygiene of the cavity of the mouth;
  • the presence of untreated caries;
  • the presence of multiple fillings and crowns;
  • the presence of cracks and cleavage spots on the enamel;
  • allergy to materials used to create braces systems;
  • severe somatic diseases;
  • mental disorders.

Types of sapphire braces.

Sapphire braces can be ligaturous and non-ligaturous. The arches are fixed to the locks using special ligatures while setting the sapphire ligature braces. This braces design is rigid and requires frequent adjustments. In unconventional sapphire braces, the power arches move freely in the grooves of the lock, so they are also called self-regulating. The arches are fastened to the locks in such braces systems with the help of imperceptible latches, clips or fixators. Due to the use of this design, the duration of treatment can be reduced by a quarter, and the care of the mouth cavity becomes easier. To correct, patients wearing strapless braces should visit the  orthodontist's office for correction every 2-2.5 months, but traditional braces should be regulated every month. In addition, it is much easier to remove sapphire self-adjusting braces than traditional ones. The cost of braces systems without ligature is higher than of those with the ligature.

How to remove sapphire braces

Depending on the complexity of the case and the individual characteristics of the body, orthodontic treatment with bracket systems can last from 6 months to 3 years. After the treatment, special tweezers are used to remove the braces, which the doctor compresses and then removes the system. When removing sapphire braces off teeth, pieces of artificial sapphire may remain, as this material is rather fragile. Therefore, an orthodontist should have some skill to remove them without damaging the tooth enamel. The appearance of the tooth before and after the sapphire braces will be noticeably different: the more severe the anomaly is, the more vivid the result will be. But it will necessary to be secured with the help of retainers. If you do not do it, your teeth may gradually return to the previous position.

The price for setting of sapphire braces in  Ternopil.

The cost of sapphire braces varies depending on the complexity of the case of each patient. During your first visit to our clinic, you will be given a price of all the necessary work. The average price of sapphire braces for one jaw costs from 500 euros. The design of each sapphire curly brace during aesthetic orthodontics in “Oleksyuk” dental clinics completely coincides with the shape of the teeth. Our dentists recommend transparent sapphire braces.