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Professional teeth cleaning - removing tartar and teeth polishing.

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According to statistical data of the polls, almost every third person mentions a visit to the dental clinics, as it is an unpleasant and painful sensation. There are many different dental diseases, and none of them ever goes away. So, in order to get rid of pain and discomfort you must necessarily go to the dentist. To reduce the frequency of these visits is not only possible but also necessary. To do this, you just have to keep to professional hygiene of mouth cavity.

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Ordinary home hygiene of teeth is obligatory, however it is necessary to visit a dental clinics for professional cleaning of teeth at least once a year. Our doctor - dentist - periodontologist Alexandra Kolba, told in details how to care for the teeth correctly. We offer you to watch a short video on mouth hygiene.

In the process of professional cleaning of teeth, deposits on the teeth are subjected to destruction by specialized means and tools. Modern technologies and equipment allow you to cleanly scrape even a thick cast. The final result of this procedure in dentistry is the whitening of enamel approximately twice. In addition, the procedure has a positive effect on the condition of the gums - they cease to bleed and strengthen.

Previously, professional cleaning of the teeth was performed only with the help of mechanical instruments, which undoubtedly caused the patient a sense of discomfort and pain. In this way you could get rid of only a small plaque.

Modern methods allow to clean the tooth enamel even in hard-to-reach places completely. In a large number of professional dental clinics, three techniques are practiced:

  • by ultrasound;
  • by mechanical devices;
  • using Kavo Prophyflex;
  • Cleaning with the Air Flow.

Each of the techniques perfectly cope with its task and has a certain set of advantages and disadvantages. The most up-to-date technique is Kavo Prophyflex. It allows you to complete a complete cleaning. Other techniques for professional cleaning of teeth almost always include other steps: polishing, fluoridation, extra whitening, etc.

навіщо робити професійну чистку зубівMany people are interested in "whether professional cleaning is really necessary, and what is the benefit of this?" And "if it is painful?". The answer to them - this is definitely necessary, and it is not painful. Regular visits to dental offices for the purpose of brushing teeth allow:

- to strengthen the general condition of the structure of teeth;

- to get rid of early symptoms of pathology development and to provide early treatment;

- get rid of caries and plaque, etc.

The difference in the condition of the enamel before and after even the cleaning process in dentistry is significant. An additional advantage of professional cleaning of teeth is that regardless of the type of technique used, each patient can take advantage of this service because it has virtually no contraindications.

Regular visits to the dental clinics for professional brushing your teeth will allow you to:

  • remove tartar;
  • to remove plaque;
  • to get rid of the unpleasant taste and smell in the mouth;
  • to strengthen the gums;
  • to illuminate a "smile" for a couple of tones, etc.

Professional teeth cleaning with ultrasound.

This procedure is performed with the help of a specialized ultrasonic scaler, which creates fluctuations of waves of different lengths applied to the tip of the instrument.

Such an effect on the plaque destroys its integrity, which causes its destruction, and the subsequent impact of water - to remove, while the tooth remains intact.

The parallel use of sound waves and water allows you to quickly remove even thick layers of plaque and at the same time the temperature of the teeth remains stable - that does not break its integrity.

Professional cleaning of teeth with ultrasound equipment has several contraindications. If a patient is prone to any illness from the list below, then he cannot categorically take this procedure:

  1. Severe forms of various chronic diseases.
  2. Arrhythmia.
  3. Infectious diseases (HIV, tuberculosis, etc.).
  4. High level of teeth sensitivity.
  5. Also, this procedure cannot be performed for children under the age of two.

Kavo Prophyflex teeth cleaning and polishing.

It is necessary to pay particular attention to cleaning and polishing the teeth with Kavo Prophyflex. The principle of this technique is based on the use of sandblasting surface treatment. In fact, this technique is the same as Air Flow, with the exception of just that, there is a specialized powder as an abrasive substance. It can remove painlessly:полировка и чистка зубов Kavo Prophyflex

  • tartar;
  • plaque;
  • spots from coffee and dyes;
  • In addition, the technique strengthens the general condition of the teeth and gums.

An additional feature of this cleaning method is that in addition to the complete cleaning of the enamel, it also makes to grind the teeth possible.

Professional Air Flow Toothpaste.

The name of this type of cleaning speaks for itself, the principle of removing plaque and tartar is based on the use of a strong air stream, which, to achieve the maximum level, can be diluted with water and abrasives, such as baking soda.

The air stream cleanses the surface of the tooth enamel because the soda at a high speed hits a tooth that destroys plaque and tartar. Due to water, it is washed off, thus, without raising the temperature of the tooth itself. There is a subkind of the Air Flow procedure, called Perio Flow.

This technique is used to remove dentures that are under the gums. The principle of its operation is the same as the procedure for Air Flow, except that there is no soda as an abrasive substance, but glycine in powder form. This technique can relieve you not only of plaque and tartar, but also of sings of smoking, dyes, etc.

The procedure is absolutely painless, which allows you to refuse from anesthesia. The only disadvantage of this method of professional cleaning of teeth is that it is not able to remove the old plaque from the tooth enamel. The use of the Air Flow toothpaste procedure is not applicable to patients suffering from diseases such as:

  • various gum diseases;
  • an air stream adversely affects the gums, with disease they are weakened, respectively, the cleaning process can further damage them;
  • respiratory diseases - asthma, bronchitis, etc.

Professional brushing of teeth with braces

Braces are a mechanism that is installed on the teeth, which allows you to level them. It is clear that the tooth enamel in the place of their fastening is difficult to access. It is poorly self-cleaned with conventional toothpastes, rinses, etc. In order to keep the teeth in a healthy condition, it is necessary to use the procedure of professional cleaning when using braces.

видалення зубного каменю після брекетів

It practically does not differ from the above-described techniques, except that before the onset of the process, the dentist prepares the patient's teeth. The preparatory stage is the application of a special dye to the tooth enamel, which darkens in places of accumulation of plaque and tartar. Thus, the dentist can observe areas of accumulation of plaque and tartar.

Professional cleaning of teeth for pregnant women and children.

Very often the question is: "Is it possible to do a professional cleaning of teeth for pregnant women?" There is no definite answer to this question. In the process of bearing a child, the work of the whole woman’s body changes, and the mouth cavity is no exception. Its condition is affected by elevated levels of hormones (estrogen and progesterone). They help accelerate blood flow and increase its volume, which causes bleeding gums.

професійна чистка зубів вагітним

All these factors have a negative effect on the condition of the tooth enamel. The plaque begins to accumulate at an accelerated speed, and in this case, professional cleaning of the teeth in the dental clinics is simply necessary.

The opinions of dentists on this issue are different, but the majority answers the above question "yes, you can, even necessary". One can say one thing with no doubt: chemical and mechanical cleaning are categorically prohibited for pregnant women.

Toothbrushing in dentistry is very useful for children. It allows you to prevent the development of many diseases. The catalyst for the development of most of the teeth is plaque. Consequently, its removal will not only make the smile of the child better, but also provides a normal development of teeth. The child's body is less protected, unlike an adult. This also applies to teeth. Therefore, professional cleaning of teeth for children is recommended to be carried out approximately every three to four months. The method of teeth cleaning for children is fundamentally different from the procedure for adults. The main tool of the dentist in this case is a soft brush. Cleaning in this way is absolutely safe and non-traumatic.

Often a dentist cleans the tooth enamel for children manually, but in some cases the Air Flow equipment can be used. The final stage of this process is the polishing of the enamel and its fluoridation.

Professional teeth cleaning - the price.

Professional mouth hygiene in the complex (upper and lower jaw). 600 hryvnas.

The cost of this service depends on several factors - the chosen method and the general condition of the patient's tooth enamel, etc. In order to find out the exact price of the procedure, you must contact our dentist-hygienist. She will examine the condition of your teeth and mouth cavity, and then report the cost of the procedure. Obviously, it's worth noting that saving on your health has never brought anything good and will not bring. When choosing a dentist, you need to take into account not only its price policy, but also the quality of service, equipment, etc.

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