Головна / Dentistry Oleksiuk - professional care of your smile.

Dentistry Oleksiuk - professional care of your smile.

A beautiful and healthy smile is an integral part of good health and beautiful appearance, which adds a lot of confidence to yourself. This is what you are surely guaranteed with  "Oleksiuk Dentistry". After all, we not only offer a large list of dental services, ranging from implantology to professional hygiene.

Be sure, we will do everything so that you can give your loved ones a happy, shining smile. In addition, our clinic is fully family dentistry - we are glad to see all patients who need dentistal services, from an early age.

Dental Clinic of the European level "Dentistry of Oleksiuk" is a modern private clinic that is characterized by affordable prices and a high level of service. A characteristic feature of this is that the first consultation of a dentist, during which he will conduct a detailed review and identify the main problems of the patient, is completely free. It is during the initial consultation that the dentist will complete the treatment plan and will make a rough estimate of its cost.

All procedures in dentistry take place on the modern medical equipment of the world standard, which, in combination with the high professionalism of the staff, will make your treatment fast, comfortable and, most importantly, effective. "Oleksiuk Dentistry" provides a guarantee for all types of stomatological services performed here. The main advantages of the clinic also include:


  • all types of dental treatment;
  • pediatric dentistry;
  • own dental laboratory;
  • delay in payment for treatment;
  • complete X-ray diagnostics;
  • complete anesthesia in the treatment and removal of teeth.

The desire for continuous development and daily care for their patients proves the European quality of "Oleksiuk's dentistry". Both new and permanent visitors are offered permanent promotions and a flexible system of discounts by the staff of the dental clinic.

The establishment has a pleasant home atmosphere, here you will always have a cup of delicious coffee with cream or flavored tea. And after each reception you are certain to be called and asked about your well-being.

Children's dentistry.

Special is the love of the clinic's stomatologists to their smallest patients. They do everything for the kids to come here again, and the reception of the doctor was fun, exciting, devoid of any painful sensations for them. Qualitative stomatological services - our business card.

"Oleksiuk Dentistry" - one of the leading dental clinics in Ternopil.

Patients who come back here with trust and confidence that we will take good care of them, their beauty and health of their smiles will speak about the high level of dental services and quality service. Here, people get rid of eternal fear of visiting dentists, the associations that the treatment of teeth is necessarily accompanied by pain certainly disappear.

Parents easily bring their children here, because they are confident that they will not just enjoy it, but that they will get a lot of good impressions from communicating with caring and pleasant physicians. Experience it yourself.

Fill in the registration form to sign up for the first free consultation in Oleksiuk's Dentistry, and make sure dental treatment can be easy and enjoyable.

“Oleksiuk Dentistry” - it's easy to smile with us!