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Plastics of frenulum

пластика вуздечки верхньої губи

Each person has a special jumper on the mucous membrane, which provides lip attachment to the jawbone. Normally, she should not provoke problems when chewing on food, cause discomfort when talking. However, sometimes there are pathologies of its development, which require the appointment of plastics of frenulum.

Description of the procedure.

Plastics of frenulum is an operation during which the frenulum tissue is cut. The frenulum is part of the mouth cavity, which has the form of the fold of the mucous membrane. It is necessary to ensure the normal fixation of the upper lip to the area of ​​the jaw bone. Usually the frenulum is woven into a frenulum tissue at a distance of 0.5-0.8 cm from the necks of the front incisors. And if the frenulum come over the areas of the front incisors, and the mounting points are not visible at all, then it is considered too shortened. Typically, this pathology is detected by the doctor immediately at a visual examination. This procedure should be performed when there are indications for this, as well as only by the prescription of the physician.

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Why should frenulum of the upper lip be cut?

With the normal development of the frenulum, you can freely pronounce sounds, words, perform the correct articulation, move your lips, open and close your mouth.

увагаPay attention! If there are pathologies and defects in the development of the frenulum, poor mobility of the lips is observed, there are problems in their functioning, and also there are various external defects.

Plastics of frenulum is necessary to prevent such unpleasant consequences as:

  • The disorders when sucking for children. Usually the upper lip takes a larger part in sucking of newborn, and if there is a pathology in its development, then problems with natural feeding may occur.
  • Problems with word sounding. When the frenulum is shortened, there are defects in its formation and pronunciation. Often, this pathology causes problems with pronunciation of labial sounds, vowels. In these situations, the speech therapist advises to make correction of this part, after this procedure all defects in pronunciation disappear completely.
  • For adults, the presence of a shortened frenulum may cause a dislocation of bite and problems in chewing food, as a result, it causes the disorder of the activities of the digestive organs.
  • The presence of a short frenulum, as well as its close attachment to the area of the edge in the alveolar sprout, may cause the drawn interdental papilla in the area of front teeth. As a result, a section between the sections of the teeth, which is also called diastema, appears in the bone tissue. In addition, the size of the space between the crowns may increase.
  • A truncated frenulum causes the drawn gums, as a result, a gum pocket appears, deposits of tartar occur and gum inflammation occurs.
  • Anomalous attachment may cause instability of the teeth, baldness of the root areas, and increased sensitivity.
  • If there is a broad frenulum, there is an increased accumulation of food particles, as well as the formation of plaque on the surface of the teeth;

Adjustment of the frenulum is necessary not only to eliminate the abovementioned unpleasant consequences, but also for prophylactic therapeutic treatment of pathologies of periodontal disease and inflammation in the oral cavity.

коли треба підрізати вуздечку губи

What are the indications for the plastics of frenulum.

An adjustment is made if there are any of the following factors:

  • plastics is often prescribed when there is a gap between the front teeth. In these situations, a wide frenulum prevents the normal inclination of incisors to the central area. In connection with the fact that increased pressure constantly appears, the gap gradually becomes larger and there is a displacement of teeth in different directions. Also, when periodontal disease occurs, the periodontitis appears;корекція вуздечки губи
  • It is recommended to use during orthodontic treatment. All soft tissues of the mouth cavity, as well as the frenulum, cause increased pressure on the teeth and provoke dislocation of bite. If orthodontic therapeutic therapy is required, then the plastics of frenulum is first performed;
  • if there is a periodontal disease, as well as the risk of its occurrence. Usually, in such cases, a short frenulum causes the constriction of the mucous tissue in the area of ​​the base of the teeth, this causes the baring of the roots;
  • plastics of frenulum is recommended during the preparatory period prior to dentures. If the frenulum is shortened, it can cause denting elements to reset;

Frenulum plastics is recommended if there is a problem in pronunciation, with problematic pronunciation of sounds and other diction problems. But only specialist can determine exactly whether you need to cut the frenulum of the upper lip while making medical examination.

When is it better to do this procedure?

Despite the fact that the plastics of frenulum is considered to be quite simple, easy surgery, which does not cause serious health complications, you must know when it is better to cut. For example, the newborn is recommended to do this procedure when there is a problem with natural feeding.

увагаImportantly! It is desirable for children to perform this operation at the age of five, when the front teeth were cut to 1/3 part. If the plastics of frenulum is performed during this period, then there will be no occurrence of diastema, and the front teeth will grow in a normal position.

Many doctors recommend doing this surgery when children have reached the age of 7-8. In this period, usually, 4 upper incisors are completely grown and formed. This procedure is recommended only for adults and adolescents.


The contraindications for this operation include the following conditions and diseases:

  • The presence of chronic pathologies of the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.
  • It is not recommended to perform for those having osteomyelitis.
  • If there is a multiple caries in a complicated form.
  • Irradiation of the head and neck.

There are also general contraindications, among which there are the following states:

  • not performed for those having cerebral complications;
  • with dysmorphophobia;
  • correction is not made for alcohol addicted;
  • with mental pathologies;
  • can not be done for those with blood diseases;
  • in the presence of infectious pathologies in the acute stage;
  • in chronic diseases;
  • if there are cancer pathologies;
  • in the presence of collagenosis, this condition is characterized by a predisposition to the formation of scars.

Preparatory procedures before surgery

підготовка до процедури

In order to have plastics of frenulum done successfully and all pathologies in development eliminated, you need to prepare for surgery properly. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  1. Before the surgery, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the mouth cavity;
  2. In addition, doctors can recommend to take analysis, they will help identify the presence of diseases and contraindications;
  3. Sometimes X-ray fluorography is prescribed, but it is rarely done, because the operation is fast and less traumatic;
  4. Before the plastics of frenulum starts, the baby must be fed. The surgery is much more complicated, and problems with coagulation may also occur.

Methods of trimming of the frenulum of the upper lip.

There ate the following types of trim:

  • If the frenulum of the lip has a narrow structure, which is similar to a transparent film, while it does not attach to the region of the alveolar sprout, then it is recommended to conduct frenotomy or dissection. With such surgical intervention, the cut is performed transversely, the seams are further sutured along;
  • if there is a wide frenulum, then it is recommended to do freenectomy, namely, its excision. During this type of surgery, the cutting is done in the area of ​​the stretched crest, during the same period, the incision of the interdental papilla and tissue, which are located in the area of ​​the bone gap between the roots of the positioned front teeth, is performed.

Also, the frenulum plastics can be performed with the help of frenuloplastics, when the movement of the point of attachment is carried out. This type of operation can be performed in two ways.

пластика уздечки верхней губы до и после

Y-shaped frenuloplastics. During this procedure, the carving the fixed frenulum with scalpel or gum scissors is performed. A defect in the form of rhombus remains on the mucous tissue afterwards. After that, the cut edge of the mucous layer is displaced inside the formed area by means of a scavenger. In this area, its fixation to the periosteum is carried out by means of a seam with a nodal structure, and then the suturing is applied to the wound.

Z-shaped frenuloplasty. To begin, freezing is performed, then a vertical cutting in the center is made. There are two cuts of the skid type on both sides of it, it should have an angle of inclination of 60 to 85 degrees. As a result, two splinters with a triangular shape should be formed, but the central incision must go into the area of ​​the horizontal area. After that, with the help of a splitter, the sub mucous tissue is laminated along the periosteum, then the cross-section of the horizontal section is made. The stitches are attached to the point of perforation by means of the catgut.

How to care for the mouth cavity after the plastics of the upper lip frenulum?

Since plastics of frenulum is light, fast surgery, then the recovery after it passes quickly and practically without complications. However, after the expiry of the anesthetic, unpleasant pain may appear. Therefore, it is important to follow several recommendations of care:

  • Every day it is necessary to carry out the necessary procedures of mouth hygiene - to clean the teeth twice a day, to cleanse the gums, tongue, as well as mouthwash with antiseptic solutions;
  • It is worth refusing to use too hot and hard food for approximately two days;
  • On the second or third day you should visit a doctor who will conduct a postoperative examination.

увагаIt is interesting! For adolescents and adults, it is additionally recommended to carry out a special mimic gymnastics - a complex of exercises that provides strengthening of chewing and mimic muscle tissue. Approximate recovery period is about 4-5 days. During this period of time unpleasant sensations eliminate completely, as well as the recovery and disappearance of all wounds is observed.

The price for the procedure of frenulum plastic surgery.

The cost of the upper lip frenulum surgery in our dental clinics depends on the complexity of the particular case. The cost varies from 650 UAH to 1000 UAH