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Metal Braces - Types, Process of Setting, Care, and Prices.

металеві брекети установкаMetal braces are orthodontic dental correction systems that are popular and widely used. Braces made of metal are used to correct the dentition both for adults and children. The design is made of medical stainless steel with the use of nickel-titanium alloys. The construction of metal braces is rather complicated, although at first glance it seems very simple. The orthodontic arc is made of flexible and elastic steel. It is the construction that moves the teeth in the right direction.

Types of metal braces.

Like other types of braces, iron ones are divided into vestibular (external) and lingual (those that are installed on the inside of the teeth).

Lingual brackets are made of metal or alloys of various metals. To make them aesthetic is simply meaningless, because they are inside the jaw and invisible to others. Classic vestibular metal braces are divided into:

  • Self-adhesive metal braces (non-ligaturious) - the arc is fixed with the help of a lock;
  • Ligaturious metallic braces - rubbers, ligatures, which hold the arc into the braces slot are sued here.

How is the placement of metal braces made in our stomatology?

Before setting up metal braces systems, we must perform a series of prophylactic procedures.

  • such as cleaning teeth from a tartar and plaque, strengthening the enamel with different techniques, so that your teeth were not damaged during  many months of wearing braces.
  • After that, our hygienist will carry out a thorough training on the care of the teeth with braces.
  • Our hygienist will tell about the range of hygiene products that must be used, so that the teeth are not affected in the process of wearing orthodontic systems.
  • Then the doctor - orthodontist thoroughly positions the braces. The quality of the bite correction will depend on it.

Using a special glue the braces in the metal system are attached to the pre-prepared surface of the tooth. Then they are covered with a special fluorine-containing paste.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Iron Braces.

The advantage of metal systems is 100% of achievement of the desired effect. The advantages are low cost, compared with other types of braces systems, and durability. The slight friction that occurs in the treatment process between the tooth row and the bracket design also contributes to the faster achievement of good results.

The disadvantage of metal orthodontic systems is their visibility on the teeth of the patient. But, with the availability of money, this disadvantage can be offset by the manufacturing of clamps of modern colored alloys that provide an aesthetic look. After that, the braces will turn into a beautiful and fashionable accessory.

Caring for metal braces.

уход за брекетами

It is difficult to maintain mouth hygiene being treated by means of such system. To solve such problems it is necessary to buy special brushes and adaptations, designed to brush teeth while wearing braces systems. They are sold at any pharmacy today.

During treatment, the patient should change the diet, and also follow the recommendations of the doctor-orthodontist. Special attention should be paid to hygiene during the period of treatment, because one of the main disadvantages of metal systems - is the provocation of the emergence of caries due to the accumulation of plaque.

The cost of setting metal braces in Ternopil.

Prices for metal braces - systems depend on the type of brackets you choose, as well as the length of time when you wear them. Iron brackets are the oldest and most common type of orthodontic treatment.

This is an inexpensive treatment and fast teeth leveling. Lingual braces are more expensive because they are difficult to install and set up. You can find detailed information in the section "Prices" of our site or call by phone number (0352) 40 00 08 or (098) 130 13 71.