Головна / Lingual (internal) brackets Incognito - Invisible correction of bite.

Lingual (internal) brackets Incognito - Invisible correction of bite.

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Advantages of lingual braces.

According to statistics, about 90% of people living today had uneven teeth in their infancy, there are a lot of reasons for it: starting from genetics and ending with a habit of sucking a finger in childhood. It is possible to level the tooth row with the help of braces in adolescence, but many young people refuse because braces - systems are supposedly very noticeable on the teeth.

A noticeable deformation of the face gradually develops, along with the crooked teeth, it does not add self-confidence in adulthood, too. As a result, to correct defects already in adulthood will have to be longer and more expensive. In order to avoid all these problems, it is necessary to establish lingual braces, which remain completely invisible to other people, since they are located on the inside of the crowns of teeth.

Treatment with lingual braces is characterized with a great deal of of benefits.

It is also important that while wearing lingual internal braces, the likelihood that the patient needs to prematurely stop treatment because of the appearance of complexes or the approach of such an important event as a wedding, when all the newlyweds want to look perfect, practically comes to zero.

In which cases are lingual bracket systems prescribed ...

The dislocation of the closure of the tooth row or the position of the teeth is corrected by means of invisible braces. Sometimes they provide a much better effect than the setting of the vestibular braces systems.

Sometimes a greater therapeutic effect can be achieved by combining them with external orthodontic systems. For example, lingual braces are often placed on the upper jaw, and vestibular braces are placed on the bottom. Such a combination can be used in the presence of some features of the structure of the jaw, as well as the emergence of difficulties with adaptation to linguistic systems or for reasons of economy.

Before you put lingual brackets, you need to cure caries and remove the acute inflammation in the mouth cavity. An experienced doctor will be able to tell after the diagnostics how long one should wear lingual braces, but it should be taken into consideration that new problems, that may prolong the wearing of the bracelet system, may occur during the treatment.

лінгвальні брекети

Lingual braces are made individually. First, the models are made and photos of the teeth are taken. Then an individual orthodontic design is developed, it is followed by setting of the braces on the inside of the crowns of the teeth, and a long process of treatment begins.

How long should I wear invisible brackets?

On average, invisible brackets will have to be worn for 1-1.5 years. One has to get used to lingual braces as to any other orthodontic designs. It will take 2-4 weeks. Thanks to the individual design, the discomfort that occurs while wearing lingual braces is minimized.

How to care for lingual orthodontic systems?

The presence of lingual braces on the teeth requires thorough care of the mouth cavity. Therefore, the orthodontist after the setting of the brace system teaches the patient to use:

  • irrigator;
  • dental floss;
  • brushes;
  • toothbrushes.

You can use the invisible braces system from the age of 13. Teachers, actors, speakers and other people who, due to their profession, should be in the sight all the time, use them.

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скрытые брекеты

Incognito lingual braces (made in Germany) are made of an alloy based on gold. Such systems are ideal for people who have an allergy to nickel. It will take approximately 1.5-2 months to make the Incognito lingual orthodontic system. Lingual braces Incognito have the following benefits:

  • absence of problems with diction, which sometimes arise immediately after the setting of visible braces;
  • the ability to eliminate the twisting of teeth with the help of a vertical groove without the use of other adaptations;
  • their ability to self-cleaning is higher than of external orthodontic systems;
  • Incognito braces system are manufactured only in Germany, so you can not worry about their quality.

In order to make a brace system of Incognito, the doctor - orthodontist prescribed a person a detailed tomography and radiograph, then makes teeth model. With the help of a special program, a model of the jaw is created and parameters of future braces are selected carefully.

The main advantage of setting up lingual braces is that enjoying the result will be long before the end of treatment. The first changes will appear after 2-3 months of wearing the system, so your appearance and smile will be transforming gradually, without causing questions for people around you.

Video about how braces are made

Відео про те як виготовляються брекети

The cost of lingual braces Incognito in Ternopil.

If you want to set up lingual braces, you must take into account that lingual braces cannot be cheap. Some clinics offer their clients to pay for the lingual brackets partially, in this case, people pay the price with equal payments monthly or at each visit to the orthodontist, they are to be regular as you’ll need to correct braces systems. The price of invisible braces may depend on the degree of complexity, pathology, and many other factors. It is not necessary to save significantly on braces. It is meaningless to look for the place where the lingual braces are cheap. The speed and efficiency of the treatment as well as whether there will be side effects (caries) will depend on their quality. If the cost of lingual braces is too high, you can always choose less expensive vestibular orthodontic systems.