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Лікування Зубів - Терапевтична стоматологія

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The topic of treatment for teeth applies to every person. Remember that if you do not want your teeth to become "golden", or that you do not have to, over time, put them on a shelf, you need timely treatment.

"Oleksyuk" dental clinics has high results in the preservation of teeth, which in other dental clinics were considered hopeless. This is achieved thanks not only to the many years of experience and professionalism of specialists working in our clinic, but also with the help of special high-tech, modern equipment. Due to the combination of these factors, we guarantee high-quality teeth treatment.

Every specialist in our dental clinic has the best medical education and all have taken an individual practice in Artem Viktorovich Oleksyuk, whose reputation as a dentist is impeccable, and the experience is great.

No matter how banal it sounds, but the most important thing in modern therapeutic dentistry is to visit a dentist - therapist regularly. It is sad that in 90% of cases this experience comes to people when they already have a problem with their teeth.

Remember that any dental problem is initially easier and cheaper than when you come to us with pain or serious complications.


Methods of Teeth Treatment

Dental treatment is one of the concepts that we are accustomed to often use in everyday life. Let's see in more detail what is here:

Діагностика та профілактика захворювань порожнини рота Diagnostics and prophylaxis of mouth cavity diseases лікування ясен ТернопільGum treatment (Periodontology).
Ортопедична стоматологіяOrthopedic dentistry
імплантиImplantation of teeth.
виправлення прикусуCorrection of bite (Orthodontics).
видалення зубівSurgical dentistry.
Естетична реставрація зубівAesthetic dentistry.
Зняття зубного каменюProfessional hygiene of mouth cavity.



 Treatment of teeth in Ternopil and Ternopil Oblast

проблеми з зубамиThanks to the knowledge of our dentists, your teeth will be healthy! Timely and correct treatment of your teeth - this means not only saving your health and a beautiful smile, but also saving money that you will agree is also important. You will be delighted with our flexible discount system and affordable prices. You can see them in the "Prices" section.

One of the principles of our work in clinics is to preserve the comfort of each patient during dental manipulations. We try to eliminate pain during each procedure as much as possible.

"Oleksiuk" dental clinics - It's easy to smile with us!