Головна / Treatment of periodontitis - with us always 32.

Treatment of periodontitis - with us always 32.

Periodontitis is a complication of caries.

In the first place, the pulp of the tooth is inflamed - it is destroyed. Then the inflammatory process passes beyond the limits of the pulp, and then the ligamentous apparatus of the periosteum and the bone are involved in this process.

Symptoms of periodontitis

Symptoms of periodontitis are known to everyone. A person has a feeling that the tooth has pushed itself forward (a feeling of "tooth extraction" or "big tooth"). You feel a lot of pain with the slightest pressing on the tooth or while chewing. Redness in the area of ​​the tooth may also occur.

There may be a complication, such as fistula (purulent disease, which is an inflammation of the canal that connects the tooth itself and the outer part of the gum).

Periodontal treatment is a must, since further spread of the infection can lead to more serious diseases, such as periostitis (flux), as well as osteomyelitis. It is also necessary to consider that the most important organs of a person - the eyes, the human brain, etc. - are located in this area, and periodontitis is a serious inflammatory process in the body that can be a catalyst for other ailments.

Having a periodontal problem, it is necessary to contact a dentist  immediately.стадии периодонтита

It is necessary to mention that home treatment of periodontitis is helpful only at its initial stages. Further qualified treatment can only be provided by a dentist. In “Oleksyuk” dental clinics treatment of periodontitis is carried out with the help of the newest technologies and means available in the world.

переодонтит наслідки


Treatment of periodontitis

The treatment includes several stages. (Get ready for multiple visits to the dental clinics):

  • To begin with, an X-ray of the tooth is made.
  • The patient will be given anesthesia with better modern anesthetics.
  • Then the cavity of the tooth is opened - all tissues affected by caries are removed, and access to the root canals is also opened.
  • Necrotized pulp may be separated.
  • If you have previously had poorly filled channels, then the filling will be removed.
  • The length of the root canals will be determined using special tools and technologies.
  • Further, root canals are mechanically treated - it is necessary for their widening and for further high quality filling of canals.
  • Then we treat the periodontal disease itself. Through the open tooth top we put the therapeutic substances that have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to these medicines, the inflammation is stopped. Bone tissue and ligament apparatus of the tooth are formed again.
  • Temporary filling is applied.
  • Once all inflammation has subsided, you can begin to fill the tooth. At this stage, periodontitis can be considered curable. It remains only to put a permanent filling, to make a control X-ray and to satisfy all the aesthetic needs of the patient.

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Prices for treatment of periodontitis in Ternopil

You can find out the prices for the treatment of periodontitis in “Oleksyuk” dental clinics by going to this link. Come to our clinic and we will definitely help you! "Oleksyuk" dental clinics welcome you 365 days a year without weekends and holidays. Thank you for your trust.


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