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Caries treatment. Causes of caries and treatment methods.

из-за чего появляется кариесOur team tried to collect all the information you need about what caries is, its causes and methods of treatment and provided it for you in a generally accessible and understandable language. We will try to dispel a large number of myths about caries.

Well, what is CARIES?

In simple words, Caries is "rotting of a tooth" (Latin Caries' means rotting). This is the destruction of the tissues of the tooth, caused by bacteria. Under the action of these bacteria, the tooth loses all the necessary minerals (demineralization).

ico"It has been proved that 92% of teenagers in Ukraine already have caries, while in Europe this figure is only 40%"

Well, with such figures, we will face the "Epidemic of Toothlessness." Let's figure out what to do with this ill-fated caries.

Causes of caries

Уход за зубами

The most important cause of caries is bad or wrong care of the teeth. Not all people are able to brush their teeth properly and many of them do it irregularly.

There are the so-called cariogenic microorganisms – BACTERIA in the mouth cavity, they process residues of food in the mouth (carbohydrates) into organic acids. Such an acid affects any part of the surface of the tooth and provokes DESTRUCTION. First, the enamel is destroyed, then the caries is formed.

ico"Do you know that the enamel in its durability is closer to the diamond and even exceeds it !?"

Stages of caries

There are 4 stages of caries:


  • Caries in Stage of Spot is the initial stage of the caries when there is a stain on the surface of the tooth. This is due to the damaged enamel of the tooth. Treatment at this stage is painless and fast. Enamel is restored. "Often, the primary spot of caries is not visible to the naked eye, and this is one of the reasons why it is necessary to visit the dentist regularly"
  • Superficial Caries - At this stage there are first obvious signs of caries and it is located within the enamel of the tooth.
  • Middle Caries is when the carious lesion of the tooth reaches Dentin. The people experience pain, sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet  at the middle stage of the caries.
  • Deep Caries - this stage is the most painful and most active. The tooth rots to "Pulp", in other words to "Tooth Nerve".

Стадии кариеса

ico"Interesting: In all stages of the caries, along with the destruction of the tooth, there is a natural regeneration (mineralization) that occurs due to the action of saliva and mineral substances contained therein"

Stages of Caries Treatment

Treatment of caries in the Stage of spot

этапы лечения кариеса

First, a caries diagnostics with methylene blue solution is performed. This is a crystalline dye that only paints the demineralized areas of the tooth. Then the tooth is dried with a stream of air and the 2nd layer of solution is applied.

The meaning of caries treatment in the stage of stains is saturation of the tooth with the necessary minerals.

Our Dental Clinics uses only special modern medications containing calcium, magnesium, etc., which are necessary for the restoration of the components of the teeth.

Treatment of Deep, Middle, and Superficial Caries.

Unfortunately, at such stages of the caries the tooth cannot be  done without mechanical treatment of the tooth, because there is a carious cavity.

The treatment scheme is as follows:

  • Anesthetics of the tooth - anesthesia is performed.
  • The carious cavity is opened - here, as we have already mentioned, the enamel of the tooth is much harder than the "dentin" (the next component of the tooth) and it destroys less. We see one small black dot of caries on the tooth. As a result, hanging edges of enamel are formed and they require mechanical treatment.
  • Next, you should clean the carious cavity (necroectomy). With the help of special stomatological tools, softened dentin and necrotic tissue of the tooth are removed.
  • Then there is a process of formation of a carious cavity.
  • And finally – Filling of the Tooth

How to win in the endless war with caries? Let's dispel a few myths and give true assertions about how you do not need to look after your teeth

Myth 1 "If you have inherited from your parents the teeth which are not apt to caries, then they do not require careful care"погані зуби від батьків

Genetics definitely matters, because good factors can be passed on to a person to protect teeth, here it is a question of the chemical composition of saliva. But still, the most important thing is proper care of your teeth.

Myth 2 "Children are the most preoccupied with caries"

And it's true! In fact, children are more apt to caries, because they have a thinner structure of enamel, wider dentin canals, and caries penetrates much more quickly inside the tooth, and processes of inflammation take place very quickly.

Myth 3 "It’s not necessary to treat baby teeth, all in all they will fall out"

Most importantly, here it is necessary to understand that permanent teeth grow up above the baby teeth - the rudiments of permanent teeth are in close contact with baby teeth. And if the bacteria of the caries penetrate them, then we can get a permanent tooth either with defects, or to injure the rudiment of the tooth that the tooth does not percolate at all. It is necessary to admit that if we do not treat our teeth in time, then there will be a necessity to remove the baby tooth. The consequence of this will be the eruption of a permanent tooth not in its place. The child needs to wear braces, capsules and to correct the bite.

Myth 4 "Loss of one tooth does not harm other teeth"

This is a myth. When one tooth is lost, the load of the maxillofacial apparatus is distributed incorrectly. Teeth are displaced in the direction of emptiness and the enamel is erased.

Myth 5 "If a baby is fed from a bottle for a long time, then she may have a caries"

This is a true statement. The so-called "Bottle Caries" The mixture contains more sugar than breast milk. Here, night feeding is more important because at night the body is in a calm condition and less saliva is released. And when the saliva washes the tooth less, it accumulates more bacteria. Therefore, we recommend drinking water after nocturnal feeding from a bottle. By the way - about the treatment of teeth of pregnant women.

Myth 6 "Healthy Teeth -  White Teeth"

In fact, nobody can have absolutely white teeth. The color of the tooth depends on its internal structure, which is called dentin. The color of the tooth depends on the yellowness of the dentin.

кариес заразен

Myth 7 “One can be infected with Caries"

It is scientifically proved that one can be infected with caries! The bacteria of Streptococcus mutans - or mutated streptococcus plays the main role in the development of caries. Like any other bacterium, a streptococcus can be transmitted through saliva (kiss), use of common utensils, or the use of common toothbrushes. "Before you kiss your partner look into his mouth - a small joke will not interfere :-)"




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 "Oleksiuk" dental clinics recommends you to care for your teeth properly, to be under the supervision of a dentist, to choose the right toothbrush and the right hygiene product, including dental floss and mouth rinsing. And in the complex get a healthy smile. Our goal is to save your teeth. With us you can smile easily!