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Treatment of tooth canals (Endodontics)

The cause of almost all problems with teeth is caries, and tooth canal diseases are not an exception.

As it has been mentioned several times, complicated caries are when carious processes go so deep that the tooth pulp is affected, or, as our patients got used to say, a nerve. "Large teeth" have several canals; there are usually one or two in the central teeth.

If you do not seek qualified assistance in a timely manner, then you will encounter serious complications. Granules and fluxes can be formed, which will result in the removal of the tooth.

Indications and stages of treatment of teeth canals.

We treat teeth canals when the patient comes to us with a significantly damaged tooth. We see the destroyed walls of the cluster, progressive deep caries, which "eats" all solid tissues above the level of the nerve. The treatment of pulp can also be carried out under orthopedic indications, or for prosthetics.

In order to remove inflammation in the root canal, the doctor must remove the infected pulp tissue, rinse thoroughly and dry the canal. It is impossible to take the infection completely, because there is a large number of branches in the large main root canal (the system of microtubules), which is practically impossible to clean and process mechanically. Therefore, we must reliably isolate them from surrounding tissues. The quality of such treatment depends not only on the professional knowledge and skills of the endodontist, but also on the materials and equipment used during treatment.


They use a lot of auxiliary tools and instruments that make the treatment of the pulp the most qualitative. The first device - assistant that allows you to determine the length of the root canal is the apexlocator (As soon as the root needle of the device reaches the end, we hear a warning signal, which allows us to understand that we have gone through the canals). It is important here to remember that the apexlocator may show not exactly accurate data.


With the help of a special thin tool K-file and X-ray, we determine the exact length of the pulp. Since the K-file is X-ray contrasting, the endodontist perfectly sees if the tip of the tool reaches the top of the root or not.

Canals are given a special shape of a cone, with the help of tools. They are processed mechanically and medically (antiseptic). Ultrasound is used to get into all the microcanals and the branch. This technique allows to cure the infection of the root canal qualitatively and without complications. At the end of the treatment, the canal is filled.

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Restoration of a tooth after treatment of canals

Restoration of the tooth after performing the aformentioned actions, the tooth is restored from above. Everything depends on how damaged the tooth is. Accordingly: if teeth are destroyed less than half, we restore them by filling; if the tooth is destroyed more than half - there are orthopedic stages of restoration of teeth.

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