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Ceramic Braces - Your Smile - Your Prestige

Vestibular ceramic braces are one of the most common systems for correction of the wrong bite. керамические брекеты тернопольDespite the external arrangement, these designs are not too noticeable to others, so they do not spoil the aesthetics of a smile.

Materials for the production of ceramic braces.

The basic elements of such orthodontic systems are made of high-quality dental ceramics. It is a matte material, approximated by the external qualities of natural tooth enamel. The tint of the braces is selected depending on the color of the patient's teeth.

The arc connecting the ceramic plates is made of special metal. This part of the design is noticeable most, but it does not spoil the smile, especially if it is covered with a composite material of white color.

Unlike sapphire elements, ceramics do not sparkle in the light, almost merging with teeth. For some patients, this becomes one of the driving factors that influence the choice of type of brace.

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Features of the setting of ceramic braces.

The process of setting the ceramic brackets does not have any distinctive features. It takes an average of 1.5 hours and consists of several main stages. The enamel of the teeth is treated for better adhesion to the braces, then composite glue is applied, the plates are gradually positioned on the teeth and tightly pressed for fixation. At the final stage, a metal arc is inserted into the grooves and fixed by means of special ligatures. The process of fixing self-regulating systems, which are fastened with the help of special locks, is faster and easier. They are more expensive, but more effective and more convenient for the patient, because they do not require frequent appointments at the dentists.

відмінність керамічних від металевих брекетів


Advantages of ceramic braces.

The advantages of ceramic braces are that they:

  • Look aesthetically and do not prevent a teenager or adult from feeling his attractiveness.
  • Are securely fixed on the surface of the enamel and hold onto the teeth well later on.
  • Quickly become habitual for the patient, as the discomfort of the first weeks quickly disappears.
  • Do not injure mucus, as it happens with metal systems/Allows you to take nice photos because they do not reflect light like sapphire and metal.
  • Are rejected by the body in a small number of cases.
  • Cost cheaper than sapphire braces.

Disadvantages of using ceramics in orthodontic designs.

Like other bite correction systems, ceramic brackets have certain imperfections. Main disadvantages:

  • The price. Ceramics is more expensive than metal and plastic.
  • Tight adherence to the surface of the tooth. This may worsen the existent damage to the enamel.
  • Average strength. Braces for dental ceramics require caution when taking care and during meals.
  • Duration of treatment. These systems will have to be worn on the teeth longer than the metal, as the strength of their effect on the teeth is less. Ceramics preserves the original color well throughout the treatment period. But lovers of coffee, freshly squeezed juices and berries should take into account that the plaque that accumulates on the brackets is quickly painted, that is why they become darker.

Therefore, the cleaning of ceramic bite correction systems should be taken very much attention to.

Which ceramic brackets are better.

The patient makes the choice of the type of braces with the doctor orthodontist. For each situation there are certain recommendations and limitations. For example, be intensive sports can be the contraindication to the setting of more fragile ceramic braces.

The orthodontist doctor will help determine which variant suits better. While making the choice, experts are guided by the state of the patient's tooth-jaw system, his age, features and occupation.

Ceramic brackets - the price in the dentistry "Oleksyuka" in Ternopil.

Ceramic braces is a great option for teens who are concerned about the appearance of metal braces. As we have already explained, ceramic systems are similar to metal, except that they are made of a colored tooth material that helps to merge with the teeth for an "invisible" look. Although ceramic braces are less noticeable, their price is higher than the price of other types of braces. To find out more about ceramic braces, how much they cost and whether they are suitable for you, seek advice from orthodontics in our dentistry. "Oleksyuk" Dental Clinics is the best dentistry for adults and children in Ternopil and Ternopil region.

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