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Capsules for teeth alignment (eliners)

Capsules for leveling teeth is an orthopedic device for removable wear, they are made in the form of two interconnected plates of transparent polymeric materials. The main purpose of such a dental instrument is to correct small bites dislocations. Capsules are made individually for each patient, consequently the photos of his jaws is taken.

Silicone or plastic is usually used as a material, so capsule can be worn by people with allergies to nitinol (the metal the brace system arc is made of). Capsule must be worn all day long (about 22 hours), it operates with little force on the dentition, gradually leveling it. This method of treatment is suitable for people who have minor defects in the dentition.

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What kind of capsules is used

Depending on the quality and complexity of the design, they are of the following types:

  1. Standard capsules on the teeth - are made at the factory serially, they are used to equalize the teeth by the method of size selection. It is very difficult to pick up more or less precisely such a capsule, therefore the design often badly holds on a tooth row and can rub the gums.
  2. Thermoplastic capsules for teeth - also factory-made, but the material they are made of has one interesting property: when heated, it becomes mild and easily acquires the necessary form when cooled. Such models are put on a tooth row, pre-placed in hot water. As a result, the structure is tightly fixed, repeating all the features of the patient's teeth.
  3. Capsules for teeth alignment, made for individual orders - this is more expensive version of the design. It takes a lot of time to be made, because you need to make measurements and make a precise 3D model in order to do it. However, such a product that will precisely repeat the shape of the patient's tooth row, and therefore, it will be more comfortable to wear. In addition, the most complicated bite dislocations can be fixed in this way.

Method of therapy with capsules (Treatment of bite with capsules).

Before starting a correction with this method, the orthodontist examines and detects dislocations that require correction. Next, a treatment plan is created and the type of kappa that is necessary for a particular patient is selected. Measurements and model of the tooth row of the upper and lower jaw are carried out. Using samples, a gypsum model is produced in a special laboratory, it is stored throughout the treatment process. It is used, both for the manufacturing of the first capsule, and for all subsequent - after making the necessary corrections.

Ready-made design is set to the patient. Then, from time to time, the patient should visit a doctor to monitor the treatment and replace capsule (if necessary). The time to correct the growth of teeth by this method depends on the complexity of the defect and can take from a few months to two years.

Specificity of care for capsules.

During the period of wearing the capsules for leveling teeth is not recommended to eat foods containing aggressive dyes, otherwise they should be removed during meals. After each meal, be sure to wash the capsule. To do this you need to use only purified water. The outside of the cleaning is done using an ordinary toothbrush and paste.

Following these simple rules, the patient will be able to preserve the beautiful appearance of the orthopedic construction throughout the entire period of its use!