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Dental Implants. Return to full life after dental implantation.

A dental implant is a metal screw that replaces the root of a living tooth or teeth. This screw is screwed into the jawbone to fix crowns, bridges or prostheses afterwards. This is almost an exact copy of a real tooth, root and other components.зубний імплантат

Dental implants are capable of bringing about significant changes in the patient's life. Thanks to many years of development and improvement of such unique dental development as implantation of teeth, a person who has lost the opportunity to smile sincerely and not to be ashamed, and chew food properly, has the opportunity to return to normal life. Compared to other dental treatments, modern dental implants are a long-term and complete solution to the problem of missing teeth.

Indications for the implantation of teeth.

One of the indications for implantation is a dental defect (single), if the adjacent teeth are healthy. At the same time teeth under crowns, bridge-like prostheses and other types of constructions are not substantiated much.

Another indication for implantation is a limited defect in the dentition, that is, if a person does not have 2 or 3 teeth in a row. In this case there are several variations of recovery.

Another indication for implantation is the final defect in the tooth row, that is, when there is no last teeth in the tooth row. With this type of defect it is difficult to make other types of prosthetics, since with the traditional prosthesis the manufacture of a removable prosthesis can only be offered. In the case of implantation, this question is not discussed. The implant is indifferent to where it is located - in the middle or at the end of the tooth row.

The complete lack of teeth, especially when reducing the height of the alveolar sprouts, is an obvious indication both to implantation and to a removable prosthesis. A person may not be morally ready to take dentures at night, while an alternative method of treatment is a dental implantation method.

Another feature is the individual intolerance of removable prostheses, as a consequence of increased sensitivity to the components of the prosthesis, since vomiting reflex is possible.

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What is the implantation of the teeth - the methods of implantation.

 In modern dentistry, there are several methods of implanting teeth. They are divided into classical or two-stage and one-stage (single-phase). The logic of choosing the implantation technique depends on the clinical case of the patient. There is a number of different needs, such as aesthetics, speed, etc. Therefore, we use different methods of implantation in our dental clinics. Let's go further ...

Two-stage implantation (classical) involves dental surgery, when the dental implant is twisted into the maxillo-facial bone, after that the gums are sewn. A few months after healing, the second stage of the dental implant is performed - a minor operation in which the implant is exposed and the abutment is attached. In the classical technique of implanting the teeth are used mainly endostal (intraosseous) implants.

Single-stage implantation of teeth. This technique involves placement of the abutment in the jaw along with the implantation of the implant. In this case, surgery is not used – gums are not cut and stitches are not imposed. Using this method, making crowns is possible within a week. This technique of dental implantation is carried out for 15 years in all European countries.

It's called differently, you can meet the following terms:

  • Single-stage implantation of teeth.
  • Non-operative implantation with immediate load.
  • Bloodless and seamless implantation of teeth.
  • Express or rapid implantation of teeth.
  • Endoscopic implantation.
  • Trans gingival implantation of teeth.
  • Minimal invasive tooth implantation.

In the "Oleksyuk" dental clinics one-stage and two-stage methods are carried out with the use of different systems. Dentists carefully select the size of the implants and the system exclusively individually, in accordance with the medical layout.

The process of dental implants:

імплантація зубів

  • The first visit. The process of dental implantation should begin with a careful assessment of both dental and general patient health.
  • An X-ray panoramic shot is done.
  • Computed tomography of jaws is carried out.
  • After the patient's examination, a comprehensive treatment plan is being developed. Further, if no contraindications are detected, the dental implant, surgically under local anesthesia, welds into the jaw.
  • Stage healing. The duration of healing mainly depends on the number and quality of the patient's maxillary bone. It takes about three to six months. Next, gum formers are installed.
  • After 10 days, prints are removed.
  • After 2-3 weeks there is a statement of suprastructures and crowns.
  • After complete completion of osteointegration, the implant can be used to support artificial teeth.

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Dental implantation is a well-worked out method of treatment, the statistics of which over the past ten years show that more than 99% of patients all went well. It must be said that dental implants are made of titanium, and titanium is a metal that has proven itself so well that it is used to replace the hip joint. The wonderful properties of dental implants are that they look natural, and to distinguish them from natural teeth can not do without anyone. In addition, they also do not differ from the natural teeth in their feelings. Often, owners of loosely adjoining dentures are peppered or spoken through their teeth. In the owners of dental implants, any defects in speech are a rarity. All because implants hold firmly and their owner speaks freely without fear of falling out.

How much is the implantation of teeth in the dentistry "Oleksyuka" in Ternopil.

Prices for implantation of teeth depend on many factors. The most important factors are selected methods and complexity of work. The approach to each patient is individual. Also, the price determination depends on the number of implants. In any case, in the stomatology "Oleksiuk" you will be offered all the implantation options. Our doctors have been studying and constantly improving their qualifications from European and American dentists. In our clinic we use only modern equipment and quality materials for implantation. Reviews about dental implantation in our dentistry are only positive.