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Surgical dentistry. Necessary services.

хірургічна стоматологія ТернопільSurgical dentistry is a very big topic. In order not to go deep into it and not to make you tired with medical terms, we will briefly tell you what exactly this science deals with and what services for maxillofacial surgery are provided by our clinic.

Many people have the idea that surgical dentistry deals exclusively with the removal of diseased teeth. However, this is not the case at all. The field of this branch of medicine is much wider.

Modern dental surgery is divided into:

  • aesthetic (plastic);
  • Oncological purulent.

The purpose of surgical dentistry is a complete, or at least partial, tooth retention. For this, the surgeon, using surgical instruments, removes, for example, a cyst or cleanses the abscess cavity, and then removes inflammation by antibiotics. As a result of these actions it is possible to stop the inflammation and prevent further damage to the jaw bones.

In addition to dental problems, surgical dentistry deals with the treatment of trigeminal nerve inflammation. In the case that conservative treatment does not make an effect, an operative procedure is prescribed. Modern non-invasive technologies allow to significantly reduce post-operative recovery time. Depending on the severity of the disease, the surgeon - dentist, or reveals the basis of the nerve from compression of its blood vessels, or completely destroys the nerve basis.

Plastic and restorative operations on the jaws and gums occupy separate place in the maxillo-facial surgery. Only doctor of higher qualification carries out such procedures, because the quality of their work depends not only on the appearance but also on the quality of life of the patient.

We are proud that our dentists - surgeons have exactly the same qualities. (On the "Oleksiuk" dental clinics)

Most often, the help of a plastic surgeon is required in case of severe personal injury, which results in disturbance of the integrity of the jaw bones, and the teeth lose their original position. Surgery allows not only to grow jaw, but also to restore the tooth row. For this purpose, special fiberglass shunts are used, which are imperceptible for anyone and do not cause any discomfort to the patient.


Directions of surgical stomatology.

стоматолог хірург Тернопіль

 At “Oleksyuk” Dentistry we offer a wide range of services in the field of maxillofacial surgery. We successfully carry out:

  • Tooth-preserving operations - resection of the tops of the tooth roots, tooth root amputation, surgical extension of the crown part of the tooth, hemiosection of the tooth.
  • Tooth extraction operations with all the complexity of work.
  • Treatment of periostitis (gumboil).
  • Plastic of lip frenulum.

In addition, the competence of our dentist-surgeon is various inflammations of the salivary glands, ulcers of the mucous membrane, as well as various neoplasms of the oral cavity.

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In conclusion, we ask you to pay attention to the fact that in surgical stomatology there are diseases that must be treated only in the hospital, therefore there is a clear distribution of dental care, depending on its complexity. Our contacts.