Головна / Aesthetic dentistry - artistic restoration of teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry - artistic restoration of teeth.

Nowadays, along with the usual treatment of teeth, aesthetic dentistry has gained high level of popularity. It allows you to restore even the most damaged teeth, overcome the birth defects, etc. This type of dentistry includes a large number of different procedures. One of them is an aesthetic restoration of teeth.
естетична стоматологія

This process allows you to completely restore almost fully destroyed teeth and give a good smile to a person. There are several varieties of this procedure, but the most effective is the artistic one. In its turn, it is divided into direct and indirect.

Why is the restoration of teeth necessary?

Modern clinics of aesthetic dentistry offer their clients a procedure of artistic restoration of teeth. However, not everyone knows what it is and why this procedure is necessary. Artistic restoration of teeth, in essence, is a kind of prosthetics. The technique allows eliminating even the most complex defects and returning the integrity of the teeth to the patient. This procedure is carried out by means of the use of various artificial materials. A complex of substances, chosen individually for each patient, allows to achieve the maximum natural tint of the tooth.

Depending on the complexity of the future restoration, the procedure may take several steps. Artistic restoration is used:

  • At significant damage of the tooth enamel;
  • At considerable cracks in the teeth;
  • When changing color;
  • To correct the bite;
  • In case of serious injury to one or more teeth.

Modern means of aesthetic dentistry can completely restore even completely destroyed front teeth. Everyone who has used artistic restoration of teeth will have a beautiful smile again.

Direct artistic (aesthetic) restoration.

The technique of direct artistic restoration is used for non-critical minor teeth injuries. This technique allows you to fully repair damaged tooth in just one visit to the dentistry. Direct artistic tooth restoration takes place in four stages:
художня реставрація зубів

  1. Preparatory stage - includes a preliminary examination by a dentist to determine the type of material to be use.
  2. Cleaning the mouth cavity and teeth - before restoration, the dentist carries out professional brushing of teeth for the patient. Depending on the individual characteristics of the human tooth enamel and equipment in the dentist clinics, various cleaning techniques (ultrasonic, laser, mechanical, etc.) can be used.
  3. Anesthesia - as restoration occurs with a fairly significant discomfort for the patient, anesthesia is offered to him. Therefore, we can say that the procedure is absolutely painless.
  4. The final stage is directly the reconstruction itself.

Indirect artistic restoration.

Indirect artistic restoration, which is often called external, is used for significant damage and tooth decay. It allows you to restore even a completely destroyed tooth. It is called external due to the fact that most procedures occur without the patient's direct involvement in the process: the creation of a prosthesis, its fitting for individual features, etc.

An orthopedic construction is created in accordance with the patient's jaw picture, this is a rather complicated process that can take several weeks. The most common material used in the process of indirect artistic restoration of the tooth is the veneer. Compared with other materials, it has higher durability, has an excellent aesthetic look, and it is quite easy to work at. Thanks to these advantages indirect veneering is used for indirect restoration in most cases.реставрація зубів


Veneer - what is it?

вініри на зуби тернопільThe veneer is an ordinary ceramic plate. The physical and operating characteristics of the material make it almost ideal for use in aesthetic dentistry. A distinctive feature of the veneer is a rich color palette. This allows the dentist to pick up the most appropriate shade, it is by virtue of this denture practically impossible to distinguish from a real tooth. Most patients who know something about the procedure of artistic restoration, while having appointment with the dentist, ask to set a veneer prosthesis. It lets him not worry about the beauty of his smile.

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How much does aesthetic restoration of teeth cost?

The answer to the question "how much does the artistic restoration of the tooth cost" is clearly impossible. The final cost of the work depends on many factors, such as the condition and type of the tooth, the material used, etc. However, in any case, it is highly recommended not to save on this procedure. If the price is significantly different in the smaller side, then, most likely, you will make a process of low-quality material. No wonder that "beauty demands the victims," ​​this applies to the smile.