Головна / Children's dentistry

Children's dentistry

“Oleksyuk” dentistal clinics provides a personal approach and comfort to your child.

A big problem for adults is the fear of being treated by a dentist. All this is due to the fact that in their childhood, the treatment of teeth without anesthetizing, crying, screaming, keeping in the chair was considered the norm, and pediatric dentistry was not different from the adult.

Fortunately, today we are talking about a new - modern approach to a child in dentistry: small patients of "Oleksiuk" dentistry can confirm that the treatment of baby teeth is painless and interesting.

Our clinic is guided by the slogan that: "It is better to warn the problem, but to treat it." That is why, in the first place, we create the habit of children to treat the teeth and entire mouth cavity with more care. After all, the right hygienic skills in childhood - a guarantee of a healthy and beautiful adult smile. In order to spread dental culture among children, we are actively involved in conducting training in kindergartens, children's events and events.

Personnel of "Oleksyuk" dental clinics has high professional skills in working with children, it is attentive and friendly to every small patient.

We offer:

  • prophylactic examinations of the child from the moment of the eruption of the first teeth
  • psychological training of children before visiting a dentist
  • consultation of an orthodontist from the age of 3 to 4 years (if necessary before), which enables to prevent the development of an incorrect bite and timely start orthodontic treatment
  • Individual selection of mouth care products for your child according to age (brushes, pastes, rinses, etc.).
  • Prophylactic measures (sealing of fissures and deep fluoridation) for protection against dental caries and permanent teeth immediately after their eruption
  • prevention and treatment of non-carious lesions of temporary and permanent teeth
  • cooperation with doctors of various dental and non-dental specialties for children with concomitant, as well as serious illnesses.
  • gifts for small patients after each visit

The process of treatment is carried out in a comfortable psychological atmosphere, in the form of a game, which contributes to the fact that from the first visit your children feel cozy and friendly with our children's dentist and in the future, they will visit the dentistry with joy and without any fear.

“Oleksyuk” dentistry creates all the conditions for each adult and small patient to say with certainty: "And it's easy to smile with you!"