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Professional bulge dentures - smile with us!

Bulge dentures belong to removable structures, which have a base of plastic or metal, made in the form of an arc, which contains artificial gum with teeth and locks for fixing the mechanism in the mouth cavity.

Characteristics and advantages of bulge prostheses

Constructions are characterized by a lifetime of up to 10 years, a good accustomed to the patient to wear and minor problems of speech function at the stage of accustoming to the prosthesis.

However, one of the main advantages of the design, it is possible to implement a uniform distribution of load when performing jaws and teeth chewing functions. The load is transferred to the rest of the teeth in the oral cavity and the gum surface. In addition, when wearing these structures in place of their contact with the base there is a slight change in the structure of bone tissue.

Types of designs of bulge prostheses.

One of the excellent characteristics of these prosthetics is the technique of their manufacture, which as a result determines the quality of the implementation of prosthetics of their functions, the convenience of using the design and their durability.

As for the manufacturing method:

  • those that are soldered, among the obvious drawbacks of which, less durability in comparison with the whole specimen or dentures obtained as a result of sintering;
  • solid-state samples are made on the basis of plaster casts;
  • those that are performed by milling, on the basis of the received cast from the original after the computer simulation of the prosthesis;
  • Valve prostheses made by sintering powdered metal particles on the basis of a computer design model, allow to achieve high precision manufacturing, up to 0.1 mm.

 As for the mount type:

- Fastening clamps, in which the holding of the construction is provided by its fastening behind the neck of the reference molar. A variety of this type of product is a hinge prosthesis, which serves as a function of fixing moving teeth. Clams are metal or plastic hooks that provide prosthetic fixation in the mouth cavity and distribution of the main part of the load to the gum surface.бюгельний протез з кламерним кріпленням

The advantages of using prosthetics with this type of fasteners are the absence of the necessity for a preliminary mechanical treatment of the teeth that perform the support function. The disadvantage of the product is its excessive visibility in the mouth cavity.

- Fastening with plastic clams of the construction of a bugle, based on soft plastics. These dentures are lightweight, soft to the texture and have hypoallergenic features. Instead of clams, these fasteners can be in the form of a saddle of pink and light tones. However, despite the sufficient strength of structures, they cannot withstand the competition in strength with metal products.

бюгельне протезування зубів

- A telescopic type of bugle which fixation in the mouth cavity occurs by means of ceramic coatings is mounted on the surface of metal crowns of a non-removable type, which in their turn are installed on the patient's supporting teeth. The fastening of this type of bugle prosthesis is provided by the friction that occurs in the metal parts of the product. The use of these products is characterized by a equal distribution of the load, as a result of which it is directed along the axial line of the molar.

- Bugle dentures on implants, is performed in the absence of supporting teeth for fixing the construction in patient’s mouth cavity. One of the possible solutions may be the introduction of several artificial structures, which, after their livelihood, the construction of bugle type is mounted.

- A product with a lock in the form of a lock is characterized by a higher, compared with the previous species, the cost of installation, requires pre-treatment of surfaces with stationary on the support crowns. One part of the lock type design is located on the supporting molar, the other one is built into the prosthesis and resembles the type of bridging type. The fastening with the use of a lock ensures high-quality fixation of the prosthesis on the surface of the oral cavity; however, these products have not been widely used due to the complexity of the technology of their manufacture and production.

Bugle type perfectly replaces bridge-type designs with the impossibility of their use due to the presence of contraindications. Additional advantages of the prosthetic prosthesis is the possibility of quality maintenance, both individually and within the mouth cavity. By the way, the quality of service of these structures of a removable type depends on the length of their service in many respects. Taking into consideration the solution to the problem of prosthetics, their advantage can be attributed to the loyal cost of the service.

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Prices for dental prosthetics in dentistry "Oleksyuka"

Temporary crown. 800 UAH
The whole crown. 50$
Metal-ceramic crown. 120$
Whole zirconium crown. From 100-150 €
Ceramic veneer. 200 €
Bugle from From 250 €
Repair of a fracture, relapsing of a prosthetic, welding of a tooth or a clam 650 UAH
Making of an individual capsule on one jaw.  1700 UAH
Full removable prosthesis. From 2000 UAH


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