Children's dentistry
Children's dentistry Dentists-psychologists work here. They help the child overcome the fear of dental procedures. Treatment of baby teeth, fluoridation, silvering, braces installation.
Correction of bite (Orthodontics)
Correction of bite (Orthodontics) Braces installation - metal, ceramic, sapphire. Unobtrusive Incognito Braces. Correction of bite by means of capsules.
Implantology Modern tooth implantation, bone plastic, sinus-lifting procedure. Any difficulty level.
Prosthetics of teeth
Prosthetics of teeth Making of fully or partially removable dentures. Tooth crowns (ceramic and metal ceramic). Bugle prosthetics.
Therapeutic dentistry
Therapeutic dentistry Therapeutic treatment includes the elimination of any damages to the integrity of the tooth and inflammatory processes in it.
Professional hygiene
Professional hygiene Professional cleaning of teeth and polishing with Kavo Prophyflex. Fluorination of teeth, removal of a tartar by means of ultrasound.
Treatment of teeth canals
Treatment of teeth canals Endodontics - The process of treatment of root canals - This is the only way to keep the tooth from extraction and stop the inflammatory process at damaging of the pulp.
Surgical dentistry
Surgical dentistry Conducting of tooth-preserving operations, tooth extraction, plastic lip frenum, treatment of periostitis.